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Milwaukee Chamber Theatre Romeo and Juliet

Join us on July 29th at 7pm on MCT's Facebook page for a live reading of Romeo & Juliet with a twist! This classic work was written by William Shakespeare and translated into modern verse by playwright Hansol Jung. The updated version of the play will showcase a full cast of veteran regional professionals and Milwaukee favorites with the depth of skill and craft to mine the rich text for all of its careful nuance and deep emotion. We'll be releasing more casting over the course of the next week, but there are sure to be some familiar favorites! MCT is proud to present this reading with additional support from the Hitz Foundation and Play On Shakespeare.


Suggested Donation of $10

Available until August 1st at midnight

If you'd like more information about Play On Shakespeare, the Oregon Shakespeare Festival, Playwright Hansol Jung, or the Hitz Foundation please follow the links below:

PlayOn Shakespeare
Oregon Shakespeare Festival
Hitz Foundation
Playwright Hansol Jung

Romeo Milwaukee Chamber Theatre
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