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Thank you to our generous supporters!

Milwaukee Chamber Theatre gratefully acknowledges the following individuals and organizations for their generous support of our work.


Donations listed are tax-deductible gifts received between July 31st, 2021 – September 13, 2022


Milwaukee Chamber Theatre is a proud United Performing Arts Fund Member and appreciates the generous report received annually thanks to your UPAF donation.


Milwaukee Chamber Theatre is a proud United Performing Arts Fund Member and appreciates the generous support received annually thanks to your UPAF donation.


Small Business Administration

United Performing Arts Fund


Arts Midwest, with support from The National Endowment for the Arts

The Lynde and Harry Bradley Foundation

Greater Milwaukee Foundation

The Herzfeld Foundation

The Shubert Foundation

Tinsley Helton Charitable Trust

$5,000 - $9,999

Bader Philanthropies


Jane Bradley Pettit Foundation

Sempercor Foundation

Bert L. & Patricia S. Steigleder Charitable Trust



Baird Foundation

Greater Milwaukee Foundation

Briggs & Stratton Fund

The Gardner Foundation

GMAR Youth Foundation

Evan and Marion Helfaer Foundation

Johnson Controls Foundation

Milwaukee Arts Board


Actor's Equity Foundation, Inc.

BMO Harris Bank

Herb Kohl Philanthropies

Hospitality Democracy

Milwaukee Bucks

Reid's New Golden Gate Funeral Home

UBUNTU Research and Evaluation

The Workshop Circle

Walnut Way Conservation Corporation



Boston Consulting Group

Brachman & Associates

V&J Holding Companies, Inc.


2A Wine Merchants



Isabel L. Bader

Marina and Frank Krejci*

Susan and Robert Lueger*

Dwight and Marleen Morgan*

J. Michael Reavis*

John Shannon and Jan Serr

Emily and Leopold Shircel*

Sandra Zingler*



Robert Balderson


Jason and Hannah Jahn

Greater Milwaukee Foundation

Judith A. Keyes Fund

Alex and Lauren Lasry

Debbie and Jamshed Patel

Max and Marni Seigle

Wilfred W. Wollner, Jr.



Julie Anding and Lisa Kornetsky


Keith and Paula Anderson

Chris and Judi Collins*

Robert Gardenier and Lori Morse

Joseph and Gwenn Graboyes Charitable Fund of the Door County Community*

James Kaplan

Jason Kuwayama

Guy and Mary Jo McDonald

Allyson Nemec

Jason Rae and Phillip Bailey

Michael Sheppard and Stephanie Fett

Jane Stoltz and John Idzikowski


$1,000 - $2,499

John Mahony and Evelyn Burdick

Richard and Kerstin Conner

Buffy and Steve Duback

Sandy Duffy

Susan and Gee Esslinger*

Michael and Kelly Grebe

Jami and Joe Handreddy

David and Judith Hecker

Dan and Pat Johansen

Pam Kriger

Donna and Tony Meyer

Susan Riedel

Steven Weber and Kelly Schlicht

Marsha Sehler

Paul Vandeveld




James and Theresa Alioto

Donald and Donna Baumgartner

Natalie Beckwith

James Boerner

James Cauley and Brenda Andrews Charitable Fund

Dr. Jeffrey Coleman

Albert Correa and Sue Volkman

Thomas Derenne and Robert Zimmermann

Mark and Amy Diliberti

Judges Jean and John DiMotto

Robert and Nancy Edelman

Robert Ferriday III and Barbara McMath

Mike Fischer and Elaine Griffin

Michael and Lyn Hamilton

James and Mary Ann Hanson

David and Margarete Harvey

Nancy Jacobs

Demaris and Gontran Kenwood

Kathleen S. Donius

Konrad Kuchenbach

Colleen Lese and Thomas Karakis

Lee Marquardt

Robert and Theresa Muselman

Donald Petersen and Corinthia Van Orsdol

Susan Ploetz

Alan and Carol Pohl

Christine Radiske and Herbert Quigley

Michael and Susan Schall

Imy Schley

Patrick G.H. Schley

Ruth Schudson

Pamela Seccombe

Clark and Diane Slipher

Anne and Gary Summers

Joan C. Wiegand Family Fund



George Affeldt

David and Patricia Anderson

William and Barbara Boles

Peter and Laurie Byrne

Jane and Stephen Chernof

Mary and James Connelly

Cathy and Mario Costantini

Cathy Dills

Carol Z Dolphin

Eric Durant

Jason Fassl

Barbara Gawronski

Norm and Daryl Grier

Reed and Nancy Groethe

Andrew and Paula Holman

Kathleen and Hal Jenkins

Maureen Kania

Mary Knudten

David and Mary Ann Lillich

Gregory and Sue Lochen

Alan and Nancy Meier

John Oberwetter

Joyce and Jerry Pace

Diana and Rich Pine

La Toya Sykes

Jerry and Donna Walsh

Mary Wegener

Elizabeth Levins and Herbert Zien




Helen S. Adelt

Larilyn Arbelaez

Barbara J. Becker

Glendon and Susanne Bogdon

Julie and William Bonnell

Betsy and Daniel Corry

Jutta Deininger

Gerald and Ellen DeMers

Linda and Patrick Devitt

Kyle Dlabay

Anthony and Heidrun Downing

Eileen and Howard Dubner

Leonard and Ann Marie Fabos

Leslie Fillingham

Sarah J. Ford and Randall Klumb

Barbara Franczyk

Matthew and Karin Gerdisch

Glenn Grunewald

Dale Hagan

Sally D. Holt

Amy Horst and Birger Pahl

Linda Jaeger

Pauline and Thomas Jeffers

Edward Kelly

Avrum and Dannette Lank

Justine Leonard

Theodore Londo

Christine Martin

Ms. Elaine A. McDermott

Thomas and Cynthia McLinn

Raeleen McMillion

Cara McMullin

Debra Miller

Virginia and Frank Mueller

Ann Navin

Jan Niebler

Randall and Pamela Penn

John E. Peters

Randy and Janet Peterson

Fred Pike and Cecilia Taylor

Richard Pine

Joshua Pohja & Christopher Dallman

Emily and Stewart Randall

Theresa Reagan and Bill Reitman

The Helen Reich Fund

Andrea Wagoner and Roger Ruggeri

Linda Gale Sampson

Carolyn Schaefer

William and Judith Schuele

Morton and Naomi Soifer

Braylen Stevens

Kimberly Stevens

Mary Stott and John Becker

Paul Tanzer

Sara Toenes

James Van Ess

Michael A. West

Rocklan Wruck and Heather Kitchin

Judith Zwirlein



Eric and Anne Blom

Brittany Boeche

John and Kathryn Bowen

Carla Brockman

Anne Brower and Jane Earle

Christine Burgener

Diane Dalton

Ms. Linda Dillaber

Russel C. Evans

Mary Flaherty

Mary Frenn

Juliet Gorsuch

Irv and Reesa Gottschalk

John and Kathy Goudie

Jan and Todd Graveline

Jaimelyn Gray

Ann Greenseth

Christopher and Jeanne Grenda

Marisa and James Grossman

Richard and Susan Hackl

Rollie Hanson

Katie and Tom Heinen

Dennis Hennessey and Linda Roethlisberger

Dimonte and Trinae Henning

Jody Hovland and Ron Clark

Julie L. Isaacson

Janice Jeanneret

Annie Jurczyk

Donald Kielich

Lee Ann Kingston

James and Diane Kuntzelman

Sharon Madnek

Randy and Karen Mathewson

Jay and Bobby Miller

Michael and Sue Miller

Scott and Kymm Mutch

Emily Ninnemann

Kenneth and Elizabeth Nowakowski

Sandy Palmer

Ms. Patricia H. Parks

Shelia Payton

Darlene Roberts

Julie Rowley

Syndi and David Salat

Tom and Jeanine Schoen

Carol Lynn Schowalter

Mark Silverman

Shayne Steliga

Carolyn Sweers

Carrie and Sam Van Hallgren

Gregg Vergetis and Curt Cattanach

Mark and Yvonne Wagner

Dawn Wenszell

John and Celia Wiberg

Sharon Wolf


Mark and Amy Diliberti

Jason Fassl

Richard and Susan Hackl



In honor of Ruth Schudson

Isabel L. Bader


In Memory of Monty Davis

Buffy and Steve Duback


Marilyn Auer

Cecile Cheng

Donald A. Cress

Pat and Phil Crump

Al and Sally Ferguson

Konrad K. Kuchenbach

David Keen and Judy Perkins

Sandy Laedtke

Robb Marks

Guy and Mary Jo McDonald

David Paris

Jamshed and Deborah Patel

Mickey and Casey Ripp

Ron and Sandy Roller

Ruth Schudson

Carol and Kevin Schuele

Michael Wright and Ray Jivoff

For changes, additions, or omissions to your listing, please contact Data and Communications Assistant Josie Trettin at or 414-276-8842.


*Indicates donors who have contributed to MCT’s FourOneFourward Campaign. To learn more about the campaign or to make a contribution, visit

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