MCT seeks to unite and strengthen our community by creating a multicultural, multigenerational institution at every level that is reflective of and as vibrant as those who call it home. In order to do so, we must first create a stable, sustainable foundation for the institution. As our resources grow, so too will the positive impact we will make on Milwaukee and all who call it home. MCT is launching a $250,000 capacity-building campaign to:

  • permanently address MCT's structural deficit;

  • mature and utilize The Milwaukee Chamber Theatre Michael Wright Institutional Endowment;

  • cultivate, steward, and reenergize our donor base, securing the confidence of our existing community;

  • and identify and connect with new donors who are passionate about the future of MCT.


MCT seeks commitments of new or increased gifts for the next three seasons for the FourOneForward Campaign, named as a reflection of both MCT’s commitment to home and our momentum to move forward into the next chapter.


We hope you will join us on the journey!

To make a contribution to the FourOneFourward campaign, please contact Development Director Meghan Roesner at or 414-276-8842 ext 3.

At present, MCT’s largest institutional challenge is the need to generate resource while simultaneously developing the next generation of theatergoing audiences. General operating funds provide MCT the runway to implement strategic, robust audience development programming while simultaneously addressing the company’s deficit.



With your campaign gift, you can help MCT achieve it’s mission of telling stories from unique voices about, by and for Milwaukee.

$250 Covers the cost of scripts needed for all five subscription productions

$1,000 Covers the cost of one HERE2PLAY community building event


$5,000 Pays the salary of one actor for one of MCT’s subscription productions


$10,000 Sponsors one production in MCT’s subscription season

$25,000 Commission and development of one locally focused new play


With an initial investment of $25,000 from three individual donors, The Milwaukee Chamber Theatre Michael Wright Institutional Endowment investment fund was opened at the Greater Milwaukee Foundation in December 2019. Once this fund matures to a value of $100,000 it will become MCT’s permanent endowment. 

Gifts towards the Michael Wright Endowment will be matched up to $25,000 by a generous MCT supporter. Email Meghan for more information.

C. Michael Wright

Why the FourOneFourward campaign?

Over the past two years, MCT has faced many challenges – we have undergone a significant leadership transition, rebuilt a fractured staff, recruited a diverse Board of Trustees, and navigated the short- and long-term impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic. Now under new leadership, with the energy and commitment of a young and vibrant staff and the buttress of our refreshed Board, MCT is well-positioned to address immediate financial needs while simultaneously building capacity for future success and growth.

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Making Our Community Stronger Through Theater

Over the past two seasons we have profoundly expanded our storytelling and deepened our commitment to the local as we work to create an artistic home for all of Milwaukee—a space where everyone feels accepted, included, and essential to the conversation about how our community can be its best self for all who call it home. This work lives in stories that are grounded in empathy, express forward- thinking world views, emphasize our common humanity, and are told passionately through unique voices and perspectives.


Reflecting Milwaukee

MCT has prioritized widening the lens of representation across the institution as we seek to fully represent our community. Across the 20/21, 21/22, and 22/23 season, we have achieved a three-year average of 50% BIPOC and 50% female-identifying participation across all artistic positions (actors, stage managers, directors, designers, playwrights etc.) significantly exceeding published and anecdotal historical demographics for Wisconsin’s PWI theater community. We are also assertively applying these principles to our Board such that 45% of Trustees currently identify as BIPOC, 50% as female, and 55% under the age of 45.


Strengthening Our Local Theater Community

Throughout the pandemic MCT prioritized supporting the local arts economy by:

  • focusing on local talent, with 75% of all artists in the 21-22 season retaining a residence in SE Wisconsin, and another 15% elsewhere in Wisconsin;

  • generating more income and health insurance weeks for local theater artists than our statewide peers in our virtual 20-21;

  • setting the local industry standard for artist compensation by becoming the first theater company in Milwaukee to compensate all hourly and salaried employees no less than the Milwaukee County Living Wage Standard;

  • and honoring all artist contracts while retaining staff full-time and at full salary.