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Cream City Ticket
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The Cream City Ticket is your all-access pass to MCT. See any show any time you'd like, as many times as you'd like, for one flat price. Yes, we mean it: you get unlimited access to MCT plays. Plus, join us for two major special events the Young Playwrights Festival and the Montgomery-Davis New Play Development Series, where we showcase the freshest new voices with local, home-grown storytelling.

Want to bring a friend? With the Cream City Ticket you get 20% off companion tickets, so you can bring your family—or your found family. Plus! With no handling fees, preferred seating, easy exchanges, and more, the Cream City Ticket gives you the ultimate in access and flexibility.

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1. Purchase your Cream City Ticket. 
2. Look out for an email inviting you to reserve your first ticket to

    each production. (You can also reserve Companion Tickets at

    this time—before single tickets go on sale to the public!)
3. If you’d like to see a production more than once, you

    may book additional tickets for yourself starting the

    Monday before each production opens.
4. To use your Cream City Ticket to reserve a seat on the day of

    the show, contact the Broadway Theatre Center box office by

    phone at (414) 291-7800 or in person at the ticketing window.

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With access to our complete season, the 5-Play Subscription is a time-honored choice for theatre lovers. Date night, ladies' night, or maybe some much-needed you time—whatever your plans, our classic subscriptions let you put art and connection on the calendar.

Subscribers receive early access to tickets, meaning you'll get first pick of seats. Plus, returning subscribers have the option to keep the same seats year after year, so feel free to settle in and get comfy. We're glad to have you!

As a subscriber, you can also take advantage of 15% off of additional tickets. Unexpected visitors? No problem. Just bring them along for a night on the town! 

And don't worry: if life happens to hand you some unexpected lemons, MCT's got your back with lost ticket replacement and free date changes, so you can plan ahead with confidence that your trip to the theatre will still be the sweetest part of your lemonade.

3-Play Flex Pass
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Not ready for a 5-play subscription? We get it. You do things your way. That's why our Flex Pass offers you the option to choose the plays that work for you at the times that work for you. 

Like our 5-Play Subscription, Flex Pass holders receive priority seating, free date changes—for extra flex!—and lost ticket replacement, so you never again have to worry about forgetting which very safe place you tucked those tickets away in for safekeeping. (We've all been there.)

Flex Pass holders can also purchase additional tickets at 15% off the regular price, so when you find out cousin Jack thinks Liberace is an absolute icon (he's right), you can be the hero with an extra ticket.

Customize you Flex Pass today online, or give us a call for hands-on help!


In a typical subscription you’re renewing into specific dates and seats. This model provides more flexibility – you can choose to come on ANY date and sit in ANY seat, as long as there is availability. You aren’t beholden to things like days of the week, and you can still exchange your tickets with ZERO fees or upgrade charges. PLUS, if you love a show, you can come see it again. In fact, a Cream City Ticket gives you unlimited access to come back as many times as you want!

Each person must have a Cream City Ticket associated with their name to enjoy this unlimited access, so a couple who always attends together should consider purchasing two Cream City Tickets. However, if your guests attend infrequently or you prefer to switch up your dates, CCT holders will have unlimited access to discounted companion tickets.

If specific seats are a priority for you or your group, we recommend the traditional 5-Play Subscription package where you have the option to retain your seats year to year. Prefer the Cream City Ticket? We are happy to help select similar seats for you. We’ll confirm your dates and seats, and you can always switch to different ones if you’d like!


Answer! This is the answer!

We are here to answer any and all questions you may have about what option is best for you!

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Milwaukee Chamber Theatre is committed to creating a safe environment for theatergoers, artists, and staff in accordance with government guidelines and statues in effect at the time of a performance.

In the event that a performance is canceled and no other alternative performance can be provided, patrons can either donate tickets back to the theater as a tax-deductible gift or request a refund which will be provided in accordance with Wisconsin state law.

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