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UNDERNEATH THE LINTEL opens on April 9th at 7:30pm on the MCT Streaming Platform


If you already submitted a date to watch this production through our online form on our website you'll just have to log in to your account and the video will automatically unlock on date and time you selected.


You will log in same way that you watched the other productions in our virtual season: 


1.) Go to  

2.) Look at the upper right hand corner of the screen for "Login" and click on it  

3.) Enter your email & password

4.) Click on the UNDERNEATH THE LINTEL icon with the date and time you selected.

5.) Enjoy!



If you haven't sent us a date to watch, you can find all the performance dates here: 




If you haven't selected a specific date for UNDERNEATH THE LINTEL you can log in in the same way you would for all of our virtual content:


1.) On the homepage click on the icon for the production you're looking to watch 

2.) On the video page click "Buy video for $35"  

3.) Enter your promo code and fill in "billing information" (No credit card number required.  You will need to fill in all the required fields) and then click continue.  

4.) Confirm your "Purchase" only if the price reads $0 - click continue  

5.) Now you'll have access to the video. 



If you have any additional questions about UNDERNEATH THE LINTEL, your subscription, or if you lost or forgot your subscriber code please reach out to

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