2020-2021 Season
Virtually Re-Imagined

We are thrilled to share MCT’s revised 20/21 season of virtual productions of full-length plays, created with actors together in the same space, on sets, under lights, in costumes, with sound designs, and then recorded and carefully edited through three-camera format to come as close as we can to safely bringing you back inside the theater.

The continued support of our community means everything to MCT during this challenging time. We hope these titles and pathways inspire you to subscribe to our revised season. Subscriptions are on sale now through March 1, 2021, on our website or by calling (414) 250-8041. We look forward to you joining us on this journey through change.

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Available beginning March 2021


An apartheid-era masterpiece with smoldering contemporary resonance


In a notorious maximum-security political prison, two longtime cellmates toil at brutal hard labor by day and by night rehearse Sophocles’ ANTIGONE for a prison entertainment. When one is unexpectedly granted his release, love and hate, envy and empathy, triumph and loss, and hope and despair all collide in the concentrated atmosphere of their cell as they dig into a two-thousand-year-old play that explores every human’s moral obligation to defiance in the face of an unjust government. This modern classic from South Africa’s most esteemed playwright celebrates the depths of human resilience and offers a scathing indictment of the injustice of white supremacy.







Featuring: DiMonte Henning and Sherrick Robinson

Directed by Mikael Burke


Available beginning March 2021


An intimate docu-drama examining the border between terror and responsibility

An actor walks on stage, opens a script, and reads—and reality and performance blur as she shares harrowing details of the fates of las desaparecidas, the vanished women of Ciudad Juárez, Mexico. Haunting and visceral, yet profoundly compassionate, this challenging new play digs for the roots of an epidemic of violence that has resulted in the murders of thousands of women, and gives voice to a community rendered silent by fear.









   Featuring: Michelle Lopez-Rios    

Directed by Lisa Portes                     

The Way She Spoke Poster.png


Available beginning in April 2021


Would you recognize a miracle if you saw one?


In an all-new production of an MCT favorite, a keep-to-herself librarian receives a book 113 years past-due through the overnight drop slot—and a message scrawled in the weather-beaten volume’s margins ignites an unforgettable globe-trotting odyssey through the ages as she searches for the mysterious borrower to collect the overdue fine.  Embroiled in a mesmerizing metaphysical detective story that evolves from the hunt for the late fee of her lifetime to the source of the triumphant fortitude and wonder that binds the human race, she finds herself actually living her life for perhaps the first time in her life—and discovering that the true joy and purpose of every trip lies in the journey itself.






Featuring: Elyse Edelman

Directed by MCT Artistic Director Brent Hazelton


Available beginning in May 2021


The funniest Thanksgiving roast you’ll attend this year


A team of terminally woke teaching artists’ good intentions collide with absurd assumptions in this blistering satire. Logan is a high school drama teacher who loves to push limits. But she runs the risk of getting carried right over the edge with her next project: creating a play celebrating the first Thanksgiving while also honoring Native American Heritage Month. With the help of her yoga-teaching busker boyfriend, an elementary school history expert determined to make all his theatrical dreams come true, and an “authentic” actor from Los Angeles to represent all Native Americans, what could possibly go wrong?






                   Featuring: Torrey Hanson, Kelsey Brennan, Eric Schabla, and Hannah Shay

    Directed by Laura Gordon                                                                                                                           


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